Inspiring someone is awakening a viewpoint that realizes that something that seemed impossible can actually be done.

–Harry Palmer


  • The Professional Course teaches presence and the intentional creation of identity.

  • It protects a being against the abrasions of the world.

  • It provides the mental and emotional keys to successfully employ your best talents in the world.


The Avatar Professional Course Expected Results

  • An increased ability to perceive and operate deliberately in physical space and time.
  • A freedom from the resistances of life.
  • An increased personal sense of realness.
  • The ability to discover the how-to’s of success.
  • A greater experience of integrity – alignment of one’s actions and intentions.
  • A clarity and appreciation of attention – giving, intensifying and directing it.
  • An ease in connecting with the being that is ready to awaken in others, rather than their identities.
  • Being comfortable being and sharing yourself with others.
  • Recovery of enthusiasm and inspiration for your own personal vision, the Avatarnetwork and in creating an enlightened planetary civilization.
  • No longer being obstructed by embarrassment or trying to make an impression.
  • An experience of standing at the edge of the unfolding moment, shaping consciousness as it emerges.
  • An experience of awe, amazement and gratitude.
  • A lot of smiling.


"You are the Masters that are accelerating this evolution in consciousness. That is not just flattery. It is a fact.

I know there are obstacles.

Create an enlightened civilization? Look at the world! Are you kidding!

Make some difference? There are so many people, billions of people. Create an enlightened civilization? I’m trying to get the rent together!

And the secondaries that come up are so reasonable and so logical that you’d be a fool to make a primary in the face of THESE secondaries. I mean get real! The doors are locked, the room is empty and you’re up front saying, “There are 10 students here.” Do you know this experience?

Before you give up, there is something I want to tell you."


"When you are aligned, you've got the wind at your back."
–Harry Palmer