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You Have The Wind At Your Back

The following is edited from a talk given by Harry Palmer during the Professional Course in October 1994.


pcphoto5There seems to be some kind of evolution going on with consciousness. Some sort of collective adaptation that we’re developing or awakening to. Wisdom.

If you took a group of people from the 20th century and a group of people from the 19th century and you somehow tested and compared the scope of their social responsibility, I think you would find that there is a maturity in the collective consciousness now that wasn’t there 100 years ago.

So it seems like we’re going in a certain direction. Accidentally or intentionally, there is some unfolding of purpose to our existence. A purpose to life. An unfolding in consciousness. A design.

Evolution is a learning process. And in the case of the collective consciousness, it is not only learning better survival strategies, but learning to conduct our lives and relationships in a way that requires less effort to survive. The direction seems to be toward getting along with each other. Intolerance evolving into tolerance. Tolerance evolving into apprecia tion of diversity. People actually liking each other rather than just measuring themselves against each other. Attitudes are changing.

pcphoto1A society where we take care of one another, where we trust one another — that seems to be the direction that we are going. That is certainly the direction in which the Avatar network is going.

You are the Masters that are accelerating this evolution in consciousness. That is not just flattery. It is a fact.

I know there are obstacles.

Create an enlightened civilization? Look at the world! Are you kidding!

Make some difference? There are so many people, billions of people. Create an enlightened civilization? I’m trying to get the rent together!

And the secondaries that come up are so reasonable and so logical that you’d be a fool to make a primary in the face of THESE secondaries. I mean get real! The doors are locked, the room is empty and you’re up front saying, “There are 10 students here.” Do you know this experience?

pcphoto2Before you give up, there is something I want to tell you. Trust in fate. Put all logic and reason aside and trust in fate. Make the primary again from a very quiet, still, calm center. Fate can come through for you. You increase your chances of fate coming through for you by understanding the direction in which fate is traveling. When you are aligned, you’ve got the wind at your back.

That is the secret of our success.

We have the wind at our back. We’re working in a natural evolutionary direction. And we win at the end. It wouldn’t make any sense if we didn’t.

Harry Palmer